10 Items to Consider Before Adding on a Master Suite: Part One

A home addition may seem like a daunting project, but with the experienced team of professionals at MJ Brown Renovations, you will have nothing to worry about. In fact, we specialize in creating luxurious and elegant room additions for clients in Hamilton County and beyond. Did you know master bedrooms are one of the most common home additions? If you’re thinking about adding on a new master suite, we recommend taking 10 items into consideration before you build. The first five are discussed here; look for our next post for the remaining five items.

Master Suite Home Addition

1. Location

As with any home addition, location is of the utmost importance. Home additions are visible from the outside, so there are many more design features to consider when choosing the location. If your new bedroom will be on the ground floor, think about how it will flow with your landscaping. Second story additions are also possible, but typically require more extensive upgrades to the existing structure in order to meet code.

2. Outdoor Access

Open concept designs are timeless and practical. Incorporating an outdoor entrance featuring spacious French or sliding doors will make the room feel even more luxurious and airy. Additionally, many homeowners choose to construct a private patio or garden outside of the master bedroom. 

3. Natural Light

Window placement should also be a top priority when designing your master suite. Windows make a room feel more spacious and bright. Quality window treatments are crucial, however, for creating a dark, private environment conducive to sleep.


As you plan window and door placements, consider what it is you will be looking at. If you have a gorgeous landscape, courtyard, or garden outside your room, take advantage of it by strategically placing windows and doors. Similarly, place windows in locations that protect your privacy and hide potential eye sores.

5. Sitting Area

Sitting areas are another increasingly popular master bedroom design feature. A sitting area serves as a quiet respite for reading, writing, and relaxing. To avoid feeling cramped, plan to add at least 150 square feet to your addition.

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