Very few homeowners are completely happy with the current state of their homes. There is almost always a project to complete or a job to be done. At MJ Brown Renovations, we have found that homeowners are more likely to notice these needed projects in the winter when they are home more often. If you’re looking for a project that yields a good return on investment this season, consider remodeling your bathroom to breathe new life into your home, and brighten your day. Here are the top three reasons to get moving on that new bathroom.

Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom

1. Increase Home Value

If you know anything at all about real estate, you know that potential buyers look at the kitchen and the master bathroom first. If they are happy with what they see, they are more likely to make an offer. People are most often looking for bathrooms that are beautiful, clean, and functional, and a touch of luxury never hurts! Even if you don’t plan on selling any time soon, remodeling your bathroom is a great investment in your future.

2. Fix Existing Issues

Remodeling is also a great excuse to fix (or find) any existing issues you have in your bathroom. Whether it’s hidden mold or mildew, cracked tiles, leaky pipes, or a dingy shower, remodeling the whole room is the perfect way to address known issues and find any underlying ones. Once the project is finished, you’ll know for sure that your bathroom doesn’t have any hidden problems waiting to sneak up on you.

3. Add Upgrades

Finally, as you take on this remodel, don’t just replace the old with the new, instead replace the old with the upgraded. This means including energy-efficient features and luxury items wherever possible. By selecting the right energy-efficient products, you can save money on water, heating, and energy bills. And by including luxury features, you could start and end each day in an oasis that you helped design!

A bathroom remodel is a great place to invest your time and money this winter. Contact MJ Brown Renovations today at (317) 623-0444 to learn more about our kitchen and bathroom remodeling services, and to schedule a custom consultation with our team. We serve Fishers, Carmel, Westfield, Zionsville, and the surrounding area in Hamilton County.